History Timeline

3 Millionth Head Case Sold

Ecell Global's success just keeps growing. The company is proud to report its 3 millionth sale of Head Case brand mobile device cases.


US West Coast Office Opens

Ecell opens US west coast offices in Los Angeles in order to provide 2 day delivery to anywhere in the US.


Design Portfolio exceeds 5,000 orginal designs

With the Head Case design portfolio exceeding 5,000 original designs, Ecell Global now offers more designs across more devises than anyone in the industry.


2 Millionth Head Case Sold

One year after the 1 million sales milestone, Head Case doubles its success.


Move to New Offices in Blackpool England

Now considered company headquarters, the Blackpool office serves as the center of Ecell Global operations.

European Manufacturing Begins

Ecell Global begins manufacturing in head offices in Blackpool, UK, in order to better serve European customers.


Manufacturing Operations Begin In Orlando

US Operations in both Orlando and Los Angeles mean US-ordered custom case designs are manufactured domestically, and 2-day shipping can be provided across the country.


Launch Of First Direct Sales Website GoHeadCase.com

Website's first iteration allows customers to view and purchase wide range of Head Case designs directly from the source.


Open Australian offices in Melbourne

Follwing the success in the USA, Ecell expands by opening a distrbution hub in Melbourne, VIC.

Manufacturing Facility Opened in Clark, Philippines

A state-of-the-art, 2000sq meter unit facility is built in the Phillipines, in order to keep up with huge Head Case demand.


Open office in Frankfurt Germany

Ecell opens new office in Frankfurt, Germany to provide industry leading customer support to its emerging growth markets within Europe.


Italy Office Open

Ecell Global continues European expansion with office in Rome, Italy.

Japan Office Opens

New office opens in Tokyo, Japan, in order to support Japanese customers.


Launch Of Enterprise Ecommerce Website GoHeadCase.com

The new GoHeadCase.com is a robust enterprise site featuring over 1.2MM SKU's searchable by make, model, design category or personality type. The website now offers clients the ability to create their own personlised case designs with a few simple clicks.


Surpass 200 Employees Globally

More than 200 talented people are now officially part of the Ecell Global family.


Relocated Production to Philippines

Revolutionary "Just In Time" production process enables the combination of bespoke in-house developed software and business processes to offer the best possible quality and pricing to our customers across the world.


Surpass 300 Employees Globally

Our global team of fun-loving employees expands to more than 300 individuals. They are the best at what they do and always working to bring our customers the highest quality products and top knotch customer service.


1 Millionth Head Case Sold

In fewer than 10 years of business, Ecell Global hits 1 million milestone. Cheers all around!

Achieve 1MM buyer feedback on eBay

Ecell supasses over 1 Million pieces of buyer feedback on our eBay store, which places us in the top 25 eBay sellers in the world.


Products Now Offered via Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime allows customers to place and receive orders easier and faster than ever.


US Operations Opened in Orlando

Orlando, Florida office is opened in order to establish a platform for continued global growth and better serve our US customers.


Begin Offering Custom Case Creation

Our personalised case offering now allows customers to create unique mobile case designs to express their own personal style.


Head Case Designs Brand Launches With Chinese Manufacturing

Following the economic crisis, stiff competition and a global marketplace, Ecell Global recognized the need to innovate and create. In order to develop the ideal manufacturing scenario that could keep up with our rapid growth, we set up our own production facility in China.


Company Name Becomes Ecell Global Ltd

Name was changed from Elcell Communications Ltd. to Ecell Global Limited in order to reflect the global nature of the company. Additionally, the name change was chosen to shift the product focus from handsets to internet cell phone accessories.


Philippines Customer Service Center Opened

Customer Service and Support Centre opened in the Philippines, allowing Ecell Global to offer 24/7 phone and email support.


Hong Kong Office Opened

The Hong Kong office is set up to source mobile phones, laptops, camera's and other branded consumer electronics.


Becomes A Corporation

Elcell Communications Ltd. is incorporated, and begins selling mobile phones and accessories on eBay and Amazon.

Move To First "Office"

Like many great companies, Ecell had humble beginnings. The first official office is the family garage.


Shenzhen, China Office Opened

Murat Celikkol establishes an office in China, in order to source latest accessories direct from manufacturers.

Founded At Market Kiosk

Ecell co-founder Tim Celikkol starts selling phone cases at the popular Preston Market in Lancashire, UK.